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Microtask, 2022

Interactive light installation as part of the media art festival FUTUR 21 - kunst industrie kultur at Ziegelei Lage. The installation is about the future of digital (crowd)-work and the rennaissance of tayloristic work ethics. It consists of 14 Astera lights, hidden in brick-models that are spread across the old industrial site. Visitors can send microtasks in form of light impulse patterns over the digital conveyor-belt. During the festival the piece functioned as guiding system ofer the vast space.

The lights are controlled by DMX-signal, which is generated in the visual programming enviroment Touchdesigner


The work was supervised by professor Florian Kühnle as part of a cooperation at our uni-course with FUTUR 21 / LWL und LVR Industriemuseen

More Soon

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